Adult Faith Groups 

8:00 am Groups
Teacher Room Age Group
Crucial Conversations Jon Hughes 2125 All ages
Seekers Steve Jeffries 2123 40 & up (Married)
9:30am Groups
Teacher Room Age Group
Agape John Hammett 2123 30 & up (Married)
Bereans Chuck Peters 2142 30 & up (Married)
Breach Standers Steve Ladd 2131 All ages (Married & Single)
C20:College & Young Pros Les Hopkins &
Darren Fletcher
3111 College age
Discipleship Alive Jeff Brown 3112 30 & up
Emmaus Road Chris Barron Modular 1 All ages
Empty Nesters Dick Butler 2125 All  ages
Filling Station Ben McRoy Modular 2 All ages
Men’s Class David St. John 2130 All ages
The Living Room Roger Beatty 2128 30 & up
Fleshing It Out Charles Davis 3117 Parents w/school age kids
Women of Faith Mary Austin 2130 All ages
Spanish Speaking Ken Navarez 2142 All ages
Eaminando En La Luz Ken Navarez 2142 All ages
All In Ryan Chapman & Jake Pratt 2129  All ages
11:00am Groups
Teacher Room Age Group
 Base Camp  Chris Ellis  2125  All ages (Married & Single)
Grounded & Steadfast Wayne McDill 2123 40 & up (Married)
Just the Beginning Jason Mitchell 3111 Young Couples
 Married with Children  Tim Gray  Modular 1  30 & up (Married)
 Marriage in a Modern World  Patrick Cottrell  Modular 2  Married
One Another Jackson Marshall 2131 All ages (Married)
Everlasting Foundation John Niola 2129 All ages
 Spanish Speaking  Ken Navarez  2142  All ages
Caminando en la luz Ken Navarez 2142 All ages