Faith was born out of a passion to make Christ known.  We wanted everyone to know the sufficiency of Jesus Christ for all of life’s needs.  Our vision was to make disciples of all nations who would understand the cross of Christ for salvation, the resurrection of Christ for life, and the truth of Christ for daily impacting every sphere of influence. We wanted to be a place where anyone could find family. We wanted to be a people who would use whatever means necessary to reach anyone and everyone for Christ.

We had absolutely no money and no place to meet, but we had a handful of people who were eager to launch out with a unique expression of faith in Christ. It would take a miracle to realize the dream of growing a church full of people who would join us on mission. God was so faithful to open doors and provide people who thought it was worth whatever sacrifices were necessary for this dream to become reality.

At first, Faith met all over town. We were a great place to be – if you could find us.  We would load pickup trucks from a storage unit every Sunday morning and set up church any place we could find.  We met in weight rooms, music rooms, bathrooms, and auditoriums that did not have air conditioning.  None of those things seemed to faze anyone because we felt so called of God and were so thankful to have the opportunity to be on mission for Christ.

One morning Pastor Richard Mills was reading Psalm 18 and the Lord impressed upon his heart that there was a large open space He would provide as a permanent place for us to meet.  In 1998, He provided that land for us (a huge open pasture) through a partial land donation and great financial sacrifice on the part of Faith’s members.  We quickly outgrew our facilities and, each time, would seek God’s face in prayer.  Continuing to grow, we faced seemingly impossible challenges, but, over and over again, God faithfully provided for our needs – from bringing a local business man wanting to see a church in our area, to using a family who sold us their adjoining property because they saw an overwhelming number of children at an Easter egg hunt and wanted to be involved in what God was doing.

Faith’s Future

Matthew 28:19-20 calls us to make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that Jesus has commanded us.  Therefore, Faith’s mission is to lead people to Making Disciples by Connecting with other believers, Growing in our relationship with Jesus, and Engaging the world for Christ.  As we carry out this mission, Jesus transforms people’s lives and then involves them in that same calling—to be a part of reaching others with the good news of Jesus Christ and making disciples of all nations.  Together we are a church that exalts the Name and works of Jesus in our community and around the world.

Connecting with other believers results in each of us finding unity, encouragement, and accountability.  Growing in our relationship with Jesus ensures that we will remain spiritually healthy and that we will exalt and honor God with our lives.  Engaging the World for Christ means that rather than turning inward to serve ourselves, we turn outward seeking to share our lives with people who need Jesus and those who most need to see a demonstration of His love.

We are committed to doing whatever is necessary and right to expand the influence of Jesus in the world.  Therefore, we are committed not only to growing here in Youngsville, but also to starting other churches in this country and around the globe—sending individuals and families to transplant their lives that others may know Him.  God continues to bless Faith Baptist Church.  He continues to give us a passion and a desire to seek His face and to make Him known.  Now, perhaps you’ll be a part of the next chapter of this story!


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Member Testimonies

“When my family first started coming to Faith, I had already accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior and had been baptized, so I was very much exposed to the Gospel. But since we started coming to Faith, my relationship with Jesus has grown tremendously. One of the biggest things that has helped me grow in Christ is my family and Sunday School class. The people in those groups have helped me stay accountable and have just been a great support and encouragement to me. It is also a great encouragement to know that whatever is going on I always have people to turn to who I know will always be on my side and give me Godly advice.

While being at Faith, I have felt so much more confident about sharing the Gospel, and actually just recently my brother and I have started a Bible study with some kids from our school, so that is just another way that Jesus has used my church to help me grow in my walk with Christ. I just feel so blessed to be able to take part in something that can change somebody’s life and perspective about Christianity. I have had the privilege of leading worship time with the children at our church, which has helped me develop leadership skills and be a light for Him. Jesus is using Faith to increase my knowledge of Him, my love for Him, and my passion for sharing His love with others…All For His Glory!”

~ Catie Keel, 10th grader

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“My husband and I are charter members of Faith Baptist Church. I still remember the passion I had as a new Christian when just a handful of families felt God’s calling to start a new church. A church where everyone would be welcomed and God’s Word would be the foundation. This would be a church that would be relevant to today’s society. While God’s Word and truths never change and would always be taught, we would be willing to meet the community where they were. We would be different from what the unchurched world pictured church to be and we would be willing to change…yes, change…not the truth and the Gospel of Christ, but the manner in which we “do” church. In fact, search for ways to “Connect” folks to a church body who would accept them as they were and invest time and resources to help them “Grow” in Christ. We recognized that church is not just what exists within its walls. Even more importantly is how the church will “Engage” the world for Christ. I can’t tell you what a thrill it has been to watch God’s plan unfold right before our eyes. He has blessed Faith Baptist Church so much more than what we ever imagined back when we just wanted to build a church that would be led by Christ and not man. My family has invested our lives in this church. The returns on our investment far outweigh any “sacrifice” we have made over the years. Just as is so often true, when we set out to be a blessing to others, we find we are the ones that receive immeasurable blessings.”

~ Debbie Richardson

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“My parents, sister and I started coming to Faith when I was 9 years old. I’m 39 now, and I can honestly say that I am who I am because of the example that my parents set for me and the expectations that they and our Faith family had for me…I learned how to honor my parents and become a Christian from my Sunday School teachers. I learned how to impact my world from my youth group. When it was time to go to college, I chose one that was close to home so that I could go to Faith on Sundays. I learned how to choose a Godly husband from listening to Pastor Mills’ sermons. Now I am learning to keep my home and rear my children from the older women. My life is so rich. My husband, Peter, and I have not fallen into temptations that many of our friends have, and I know that is because of the community we have to hold us accountable…I wholeheartedly believe that it doesn’t matter where you are in life or where you’ve been, there’s a place for everyone at Faith.”

~ Sarah H.

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“For me, being a member of Faith has meant that I could come into the Lord’s house and worship with free expression, and without hidden agendas. My family came from a really small church whereby this was not the case. When we left that church, we visited others for what seemed like forever to me. One Sunday my husband said to me “We belong at Faith.” That’s where he felt led. I did not agree at first, but I followed his lead. I kept telling him though that Faith was “too big.” There were so many people there. Well, it was only a few weeks of my moaning and groaning before the Lord spoke to my heart and said to me “Who are you to say my church is too big?” WOW! I felt so ashamed. What was I thinking? If this church is too big, what will I ever do in Heaven? I asked the Lord to forgive my very selfish heart and help me to plug into this family and serve Him. Very soon after that, David and I joined the Seekers Sunday School group. I began listening to Richard’s sermons and Steve’s lessons with my heart, and I started once again growing in the Lord and not only that but enjoying His family again. We had been unplugged for so long that I did not realize how much I missed that and how much I needed that throughout my week. I have met so many awesome brothers and sisters here. There is so much talent, love, compassion and thoughtfulness here. The best part is we all come together for the same reason and no other – to worship the Lord. That is so awesome to me.”

~ Rhonda Lester