We can ‘give’ in a number of ways.  We give of our time, our resources, our attention, our money, our families, even ourselves.  Yet, to consider all of these things ‘ours’ indicates that our thinking has taken a turn in the wrong direction.  They are God’s.   He creates all and He gives good gifts to His children…and we are managers, not owners, of everything we have.  Thereby, giving anything to Him isn’t doing Him any favors, but rather is a response acknowledging His goodness and faithfulness to provide…even to provide Himself.

A ‘tithe’ means ‘tenth’.  Biblically it refers to what was required and to what represented the first-fruits—the first portions of the harvest or the flock—whatever was of value—given to God.  Just as Jesus is our example for life, we look to His sacrifice and all that He gave for the good of others and the glory of God.  We are not called to give an equal amount, but to make equal sacrifice.  Today, when we talk about our ‘tithe’, it still represents our regular giving of the first-fruits of all we’ve received.  Our ‘offering’ represents giving above the tithe and perhaps that which we designate for a one-time specific purpose or an ongoing investment in something God is doing. 

Just as we conduct our homes responsibly in regards to finances, so similarly our church leadership, on behalf of the church body, ensures the faithful accounting and stewardship of Faith’s resources.  Our church is supported by the donations of the Faith members, who are following the biblical model for stewardship.


Give Today

Ways you can give include:

1)  Sunday Morning Offering Time- Place your cash or check in the offering buckets as they are passed during the worship services.

2)  Drop Boxes – There are drop boxes located on the walls in the Worship Center and KidzTown foyers that may drop your offering into.  Note:  There are envelopes on the sides of the boxes that you may place your cash or check in before dropping it in the box.

3)  Give online through Faith Community.

4)  Text2Give – Text an amount to give to 919-813-2277 and follow the simple instructions.  Note:  The first time you text, you will will asked to create an account which will make future texting easier.   See diagram below.


5)  Online Giving:  (you may use your credit card or debit card with his option and you may set up a one-time contribution or an on-going contribution.)  Click on the link below.

      New Link-   Online Giving/Contributions 

      Past online giving to Easytithe account link

6) Bill pay – You can set up giving to Faith as a ‘one time’ or ‘recurring’ bill to be deducted from your bank account.

        7) Auto-Draft of tithes and offerings.  Click on the pdf below.

      Auto Draft of T&O form

     Note: you may set-up recurring giving from your bank using the Online Giving / Contributions link above if you create a login