Sunday Mornings        8:00, 9:30, and 11:00am

Picture curriculum that meets kid-friendly, fun theater.  Picture powerful, drama enhanced Bible stories that come to life and put biblical chronology into big picture understanding of the gospel like kids have never seen.  Picture boys and girls learning that each Bible story they learn about is actually woven into and a part of God’s ultimate plan of redemption through Christ.  And finally, picture teaching partnerships with parents that help bring it all home each week.  The Gospel Project for Kids by LifeWay, helps our teachers teach the Bible in a way that will give our children and parents a clear understanding of God’s Word.  Join the excitement as we search the Scriptures, God self-revelation to mankind!

Big Picture Cards for Families

These weekly cards equip parents with a handy Bible story question to help kids understand how the Bible events they are learning fit into the big picture of God’s story.  These will be given out in paper form each week.

Scripture Memory Verse

These helpful sheets are to help parents engage kids in helping them to learn scripture on a weekly basis while focusing on the contents of the lesson they are taught in class each week.  This is a great way to bring the family together and equip parents in the great task of teaching their children God’s Word.


The Way the Morning Works

We encourage everyone at Faith to attend a Worship Gathering one ‘hour’ to attend a Faith Group one ‘hour’ and to serve in some way the other ‘hour’.  Each person can do this in whatever order they choose, but what that can mean is that our kids are involved in classes all three hours. Children 5 and older get to come to the Worship Service with their parents one ‘hour’. Younger than 5 can go too, but they can also stay in their same class all three hours and participate in different activities each hour to reinforce the Bible Story.

Kids attending a worship service and a Faith Group then get to spend a third ‘hour’ in the Bonus Room where there are games and activities and friends.


Wednesday Nights     6:30-8:00pm

AWANA – Kindergarten through 5th Grade

AWANA meets on Wednesday nights from 6:30-8pm. (September through May)  

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