Sunday Mornings        8:00, 9:30, and 11:00am

The big picture of God’s story!

Our 2 year-olds through Pre-K are learning about the “grand narrative” of the whole Bible.  Each week we will provide our preschoolers with opportunities to connect each Bible Story (through a chronological timeline of Bible events) with Christ. They will begin to understand that the whole Bible is the Gospel.  Our preschoolers will experience and learn the Bible in a new and exciting way!  Each week these stories will come to life through video, live theater, music, crafts, activities, and more!

Preschoolers will attend a large group theater time and hear the Bible story in a live, interactive way.  In their small group classroom time, our preschoolers will be asked a “Big Picture Question” to help them connect and remember the Bible Story truth through crafts and other activities. They will CONNECT with their class, GROW in God’s Word, and ENGAGE with the Word.

We encourage everyone at Faith to attend a Worship Gathering one ‘hour’ to attend a Faith Group one ‘hour’ and to serve in some way the other ‘hour’.  Each person can do this in whatever order they choose, but what that can mean is that our kids are involved in classes all three hours. Children 5 and older get to come to the Worship Service with their parents one ‘hour’. Younger than 5 can go too, but they can also stay in their same class all three hours and participate in different activities each hour to reinforce the Bible Story.

Parents will receive a “Family Journal Page” as well as a “Big Picture Card” each Sunday to reinforce and discuss the Biblical truths and Bible Stories at home throughout the week.  The Big Picture Family Cards are great to use and talk about during drive time, meal time, and bed time conversations.

Our Nursery

On Sunday Mornings, our nursery provides a safe, comfortable, and fun place for all the kiddos under 2 years old.  Even at this early age, kids are still learning simple biblical concepts.

Parents can feel free to come and visit beforehand or simply arrive on Sunday morning and we’ll be happy to show you where to go.

Please be sure to allow a little extra time as you’ll register each child and receive a security sticker that will expedite the way you pick up your children after the morning’s activities.

Wednesday Nights     6:30-8:00pm

AWANA – 2 year olds through 5 year olds…

AWANA meets on Wednesday nights at 6:30pm beginning September 7th, 2016.  During open registration, an electronic form will be available on this page. When registration is over, the form will be removed.

Click HERE to be taken to the AWANA page.