Truth & College Conference: Leveraging Your School Years For Christ
December 13, 2017
The Refinery, 6-8:00pm

For current High School Students, College Students and their families.  Sign up to attend this event HERE.  The speakers for this event will be Dr. Dew and Dr. Quinn and the schedule is:

  • 6-6:10pm- Welcome and Greetings from C@SE
  • 6:10-6:55pm- Session One 
  • 7:00-7:20pm- Dinner
  • 7:20-8:00pm- Session Two The College at Southeastern is excited to host Truth & College: Leveraging Your School Years for Christ at Faith Baptist Church where students will engage in dialogue with key members of our college faculty in order to learn how our relationship with Christ informs the way we think and interact at school. Our evening will be broken into two separate mini-sessions.


    Engaging Skeptics. Many people doubt the validity of Christianity or faith in general. This session will cover questions like: Is Christianity even valid? How do we approach skeptics in our sphere of education? How can we disagree in a manner worthy of the gospel?

    Integrating your Faith and Vocation. Many believers feel as though a vocational ministry position is the only way to serve the Lord. However, in this session our faculty will wrestle with questions such as: How does faith and work go together? What kind of career honors God? How can I use my career to serve the church and fulfill the Great Commission?

    Our evening will include fellowship, free Chick-Fil-A dinner, and discussion of critical questions to examine how can we leverage our time in school for the glory of Christ!


Spring Retreat
April 4-6, 2018
Cost:  $125

In the spring, our student ministry travels to Camp Oak Hill.  Here, they take a break from the world, and are given opportunity to be challenged in their faith and to grow in their commitment to Christ.


Home Mission Trip
July 13-18, 2018
Cost: $90

This summer, rising 9th through current 12th graders will go to CentriFuge at Carson Newman  University. They will  engage the world through Bible studies, large group praise and worship times,  & community projects, all while building lasting friendships.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call (919-556-3420, x124) or email Pastor Jerry – jerry@faithnc.org.


Youth Spring Retreat from Faith Baptist Church Youngsville on Vimeo.