Welcome to the Refinery!

If you’re in High School or Middle School, we’re glad you’re here! You can be an important part of Faith’s vision to Making Disciples by Connecting with other believers, Growing in our relationship with Jesus, and Engaging the world for Christ. Not only can you hang out with friends your age and get to know other people that are just like you, but you can also worship God and understand more and more how much He loves you and wants to use you to show other people His love.

Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights, youth involved in Faith’s Student ministry interact with each other in Bible study, serve in many different ways throughout the church, and stand as an example of what living for God looks like in everyday life. For ways to serve or get involved in a class, keep reading, or click the ‘events’ button to be a part of what’s coming up!

Parents, our goal is to partner with you because we believe you are the primary leaders and influencers in your young person’s life. We encourage each youth to be fully invested in our church through worship, fellowship, and service. In addition to church-wide opportunities, we’ve specifically designed times and environments for youth to help reinforce biblical beliefs and values as well as godly living. We’re praying for you and are looking forward to working alongside you and your family!

student events  (click link to see upcoming events)


On Wednesdays, students meet in the Refinery at 6:15 for a time of praise and worship, prayer and announcements, then break out into High School and Middle School groups for Bible study.   The new semester of youth discipleship is underway.  Parents, if you aren’t participating in an Adult discipleship class on Wednesday evenings, you’re welcome to join us!

Here’s what that looks like:

6:15 to 6:30pm – get here and hang out (doors open)
6:30 to 7:00pm – worship, prayer and stuff you need to know (announcements)
7:00 to 8:00pm – the good stuff (Bible study)

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